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2011-10-31 15:14:57 by sl4t3r

i will have to post pone putting other drawings on my profile due to the fact i lost my drawing pad, i apologize for two things, one having to post pone, and two having to put them up in such a crappy way they will be coming up and they will be better then the last, my next characters will be my a character i did in a comic series i sold around my high school years ago that made me a couple of bucks, and i bunch of kirby like characters. Ill be in touch as soon as i find my stupid drawing pad :P see ya soon


2011-09-27 22:45:25 by sl4t3r

sup guys, if your here then i guess you like my comments i made on your vids or songs. anyways i am working on getting a copy of Flash MX as soon as i do i will be starting to make my own flash animations. Untill then i will be making pics so everyone can get an idea as to where my art work or flash skills will lie :P (obviously crap at first ) and from there i will grow and hopefully become a big name animator like egoraptor and kirbopher and others like them

So heres my first pic, its a character i designed awhile ago and never got around to doing anything with them. so i finally decided to upload him here. 6400_Picture0007.jpg